Frostfire VR is now available on the Steam Workshop for PavlovVR!
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FrostFire is a fast-paced level set on an oil rig at night. It is a small level with a certain verticality to it and finding of angles that I think make a great competitive experience.

SOCOM was a third-person shooter, so the map has been altered slightly to optimize the VR experience.

Without further ado, below is my humble attempt at bringing back an old classic in VR!

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Resolve to Complete

2017 came and went before I could process it and I quickly found myself inundated with projects, old and new, that I genuinely am excited to go back to and finish. If you're a creator, artist, inventor you probably know exactly where I'm coming from.

So it's time to do something about that. That's right. This year I'm going take my unfinished projects and FINISH them. I challenge you to do the same. Make sure to record video or take screenshots along the way. Even if you don't use them right away, you could always add them to your portfolio or post them on your blog.


Pardon our appearance..

Doing a bit of improving and optimizing of the webpage over the Summer and exploring some new skills to add in to my repetoir. ;)

Excuse the site appearance in the meantime and make sure to check me out on


and my new DevBlog space,



Do what Simon says...

I'm currently enrolled in Udacity's VR Developer Nanodegree program and I just submitted my first project assignment!

My instructor introduced to a website called Medium for posting dev blog entries and the like.

You can see more about this project and a design document for my Simon Says-like Puzzle game I developed for Google Cardboard VR devices. Medium Site



My latest and most ambitious project, Trauma, is really beginning to take shape and I can't be more excited to share progress with the indie game community. Built with Unity, Trauma takes you on a horror adventure as a retired detective called back to work on a cold case that reemerges from his past.

I hope to release a demo in 2017, followed by a full-scale release later in the year. Follow along on my progress here or on our IndieDB page.


UPDATE: The new portfolio page is up! Will continue to enhance but please enjoy the gallery in the meantime.

Excited to upload my new portfolio page this Summer. I've taught myself some new webdev tricks for this so check back soon!


MILESTONE: Wonders is complete!

This week I had the great pleasure of delivering the final version of "Wonders" to the folks at Jersey Explorer Children's Museum. Our latest interactive museum exhibit features a high-resolution journey through more than 25 countries around the world. Using touch-screen interactivity and powered by Adobe Flash, spectators can navigate the high-resolution imagery and are encouraged to learn by interacting with the scene and reading interesting facts along the way.

During the early concept stage I toyed around with several iterations of what Wonders was going to be aesthetically. The tabletop idea became a common theme in my sketches, ultimately together with the museum we were eager to design a digital application that still preserved the feeling of realism and adventure. The travel journal and map were just natural manifestations after that...


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Jacked up and good to go!

Welcome to the new site layout and thanks for visiting.

Circa 2009 I started this website to achieve a similar goal: some hybrid portfolio/blog site where I could build an online presence. I only posted three times on the old site and I've uploaded those to the new design just for kicks.

Behold, my sounding board. My repeat attempt at documenting my ambitions in technology and computer graphics. In the coming weeks I'll be uploading my portfolio of work in 3D modeling, game design and web design, and various other works I'm proud of. I won't promise to post to the blog portion daily as I still manage a 9-5 to supplement my design aspirations--but I'll at least try to keep this current.

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NEWS: Steam Records Six Million People Logged in at Once

Who said PC gaming was dead?

The very first line of this article says it best, "If ever proof was needed of the strength of PC gaming circa 2012, and in particular the appeal of Valve's Steam service, look no further than this..."

Steam has done it again and nothing seems to be able to slow Valve's flagship service down. Over this past weekend over six million gamers were logging in and playing PC games on Steam. This is great news for the PC community which lately has been ridiculed and threatened as console gaming continues to rise.

I personally have been a PC gamer for as long as I can remember. The versatility and performance boost a PC offers is far superior to that of the current console generation and because of their nature it doesn't seem like anything will ever be able to take away the crown.

This is a great day for PC gamers and I hope you will bask in this glory with me.

Follow the link below for the full article.

Link to the Article


NEWS: Starcraft is Merging Realms

If you’re as big of a starcraft geek as I you’ve witnessed how a strategy game such as Starcraft 2 is played differently in every part of the world. Strategies developed here in the United States are infinitely different than what players in Korea are doing and so forth. It is a great dynamic when a competitive game such as SC2 can be played professionally on an international level and it makes me particularly joyous to see these strategies clash during tournaments and other events.

Blizzard announced today that they will be merging the servers from certain regions with one another. The change is scheduled to occur on July 25th. North America is to be merged with Latin America, Europe will be merged with Russia, and Korea will soon be frolicking with players from Taiwan.

I am personally ecstatic to hear this news as I anticipate a cross breeding of strategies between regions taking place soon after this update.

Link to the Article


BETA: Hellgate Global

...A diamond in the rough

I never had the opportunity to play Hellgate: London when it was released back in 2007. Unfortunately it fell victim to an ill fate and the servers were closed before I could get my hands on it. Luckily for me, while browsing the list of new MMORPG's I came across Hellgate Global.

Hellgate Global is currently in an open beta phase and therefore is free to play at the moment. I quickly signed up and downloaded the client and thus far my only regret is that of the sleepless nights I've had since.

The only way I can describe it is if you took elements from Diablo 2, World of Warcraft, Deus Ex, and Face of Mankind, shook it all up and threw it back out.

Presently the beta (like any other) is stricken by some technical issues but none so significant as to impact gameplay on a major level.

The level design is rich with a Cyberpunk theme (my favorite) that would make William Gibson proud. The art is attractive, and the UI is user friendly. I'm hooked.

I commend Blizzard for always being at the forefront of what their consumers want. This will surely change the battlefield a little bit and I for one will be watching (and playing) from the front row.

Hellgate Global Website